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Empowering through Insight, Innovation, and Inspiration.

Hey fans, it's ELLA PRINT MEDIA here! Global One Magazine and Ella Magazine are colophons of Ella Print Media. We are now expanding into a shoppers paradise magazine. 

I'm thrilled to be a part of 'Ella Print Media, and Global One Magazine. Our team is happy to share top Foods, Destinations, Automotives, Health, Home, Kitchen, Fashion, Beauty, Decor and many popular consumer products.

Get ready - join us as we explore Ella Brands together.



Global One Magazine and Ella Magazine are colophons of ELLA PRINT MEDIA. We publish 4 quarterly lifestyle magazines. The magazines are written for women, and about women.  We review and tell stories about lifestyles, decor, food & drinks, home goods, fashion and consumer products.
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"It's the girl's version of locker room talk—delivered by the sassiest cheerleader on campus."

Denise McVea, Dallas Observer

Discover  Global One Magazine...
Inspiring Every Woman's Journey

At Ella Print Media, we craft books and magazines that ignite inspiration and empower today's women to explore their fullest potential. From self-help to women's issues, our publications are dedicated to covering every facet of your journey towards personal and professional fulfillment.

Empowerment & Inspiration

Wide Range of Publications

We're all about lighting that spark inside every woman. Our books and magazines are here to lift you up, filling your journey with stories of strength and personal growth. It’s like having a motivational coach in your hands.

From elegant living and global cuisines to the latest in fashion and wellness, our flagship magazines,  offer a rich mix of insights for the modern woman, delivered directly to your doorstep or available online for your convenience.

Global One Mag

Engaging Content & Community

Global Vibes, Local Pages

Join a family that laughs, grows, and dreams together. Our pages are packed with life tips, beauty hacks, and career advice that speak directly to you. Plus, our community is here to cheer you on every step of the way.

We bring the world’s coolest trends, tastiest foods, and most inspiring stories directly to you. Embark on a journey that spans continents, discovering vibrant lifestyles and culinary delights.

Global One Magazine and Ella Magazine are colophons of ELLA PRINT MEDIA, 2024