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About Us ...

What is Global One Magazine 

and What Are We About?

- The Full Story -

“Global One Magazine” is an attractive lifestyle photoshoot presentation of product reviews. Our reviews are meant to showcase a series of beautiful journey's.“  We want people to know everything about the products they buy and use. 

“Global one Magazine” presents an authentic exploration of products by way of reviews, stories, photos and videos. It is a specialization of hands on reviews and photography. We display products that are used by consumers, in advertisements, magazines, packaging, or our daily lives and our businesses. 


Our professional photography is a collaborative effort, usually involving an art director, a photographer, a product stylist, a prop stylist and their assistants. We want to present the best photos of the products we review and write about in this site and in our hard copy print magazine.

Global One's team is on a journey to review any and all consumer products, electronics, home goods, travel destinations, automotive drive times, fashion, beauty, health, wellness, food. drinks and cuisine along with a a gallery of stories. 


Reviews assisted by beautiful photos have always inspired the human appetite and palate.


Our team travels the world, reviewing everything we are allowed to get our hands on. We allow our audience to experience moments of eye-pleasing-appetizing pleasures.

People who read our product reviews are inspired by the best of all things.  Its an experience like no other that brings us closer to discovering the delicious beauty of our shared cultures all over the world.

Global One Magazine" is appropriately themed "Celebrating A Series of Beautiful Journey's." As our team reviews and then writes their way to wonderful experiences we hope that you enjoy and indulge in the products we write about.  


From  Texas to Word-wide destinations we are on a mission. we will continue to explore a multitude of products, their history and the culture of this diverse multicultural world.  Ella and her team of writers and bloggers promise to give our readers nothing but the best. 

Drinks in the Garden
Drinks in the Garden


“Our mission is clear. The goal of this magazine is to keep people dreaming about the joys of experiencing  and celebrating a series of beautiful journey's. There's lots of products out there that people want to know more about. Traveling, driving, eating and drinking, whether it be a great meal with a glass of chilled water, a favorite beverage; or a mixed drink.


As we enjoy the good life, good food, good drinks and good friends those working in the tourism and hospitality industries, restaurants, and fast foods will need each of us to support them by getting out, eating, drinking, traveling, and patronizing local businesses.


Measures and protocols are put in place to do so safely. “Global One Magazine” is a platform to help keep the spotlight on the many reasons to celeberate our beautidul journeys no matter how small they are. There is so many products to review. So much to see, feel and hold. We are thankful. 


Ella Patterson, Publisher / Founder / CEO

Global One Magazine -and Custom Literary Projects

(We Publish, Set-Up, Format, Design & Organize Print Projects)


Global One Magazine Info - 972-765-1950


website – @globalonemagazine


Blogs 972-765-1735



Ella Patterson Books - 972-854-1824


Our vision is to help people celebrate a series of beautiful journey’s

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