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10 Things To Incorporate Into Your Lifestyle That Boost Happiness

You can control your own happiness with the right habits and mindset. Here are 10 ways to incorporate into your day to feel happy. Happiness is a choice they say, and they are right more or less. The choices you make in your day-to-day life are what contribute to your overall happiness. According to the science of happiness, practicing mindfulness and gratitude are two aspects for increasing happiness over time as opposed to material objects. In addition to these two aspects, you can form many habits to increase your happiness levels that don't cost anytime to your day. These 10 acts of self-love and care are so simple it feels like nothing added to your day, so why not give it a try?

Here are 10 ways to easily add more happiness to your everyday. 10. Smile While it is cliche, mental health experts say that when you smile it boosts your endorphins and actually can make you feel a little bit better. Sure, it is the smallest act that essentially helps no one but yourself, but that is exactly why it is a good thing to do, to do something only for you every day. 9. Breathing Exercises When you get stuck on auto-pilot, it is much harder to take moments to yourself to just enjoy the world around you. Practice breathing exercises to bring mindfulness to your day and appreciate the smallest moments of peace. Breaching exercises can help relieve anxiety, muscle tension and bring more focus on the present moment, practice being present through the simple art of breathing well. 8. Go Outside No matter what the weather or how busy your day is, going outside is wonderous for boosting happiness and mood. Make the effort to take your coffee break in the sunshine, or take your lunch outside to get some vitamin D. There is something so calming about the fresh air that helps folks stay present and improve mood, especially if you work in the office make excuses to go outside to increase happiness. 7. Reflect On Your Accomplishments

When measuring goals, it is hard to really appreciate how far you have come. Find the time and space to appreciate the milestones that have gotten you to where you are now, or even through the day. If you have survived a long and difficult day, that is a milestone in itself to be proud of. Don't forget to celebrate yourself every day.

6. Spend Time With People You Love

Humans are social creatures, without being around others it is hard to be full. Even though you see colleagues at work and your roommates, find the time to do things you love and interact with loved ones. Calling someone you love, or sitting down for a coffee if you can, can make a big impact on your day. Find the time to be with those who make you feel your best.

5. Put The Phone Away

If you ask people what is the first thing they do in the morning, one of the top answers is to look at their phone. This is not a super healthy habit, especially first thing in the morning. To work on being more present and content with yourself, learn to put the phone down. This is especially relevant to the times when you are alone, learn to spend time with yourself instead of giving in to the urge to connect on social media.

4. Volunteer

Going off of the social topic, people tend to feel good when they are a part of a community or greater purpose. Find your community and volunteer some time to help out. This can be as simple as finding your local community center and getting involved now and then or finding an organization that aligns with your values and seeing how you can make time in your schedule a few times a month. A little bit of time goes a long way for finding a purpose greater than your 9 to 5 day, and who knows it might steer your life in a different direction than you thought.

3. Do Something You Love

When people get lost in their hobbies, there is arguably no better state of mind. Doing something that you truly enjoy is like playing, literally the act of having fun for the joy of being alive. Make time for doing the things that you love, and if you aren't sure what that means, take the time to discover your hobbies.

  1. Be Open To New Things

Life is full of new opportunities, and no one can try them all, but you can try. Make the time to try new things, and keep an open mind about what grabs your attention and interest. You will be surprised at what gives you joy, if you are open to learning new things and having different experiences.

  1. Treat Yourself

Life is too short to not enjoy the best parts of it, have the cake, buy the shoes and wear them, go see the person you want to be with, the point is to indulge. Rewarding yourself doesn't have to come after a big accomplishment, it can be just as important after a long day


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