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2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring

Our family's first car was a Honda Civic. In 1983, I remeber we drove from Dallas Texas to Chicago Illinois in our Civic in the heat of the summer. That was an experienced to remember. But I'll tell that story at a later date. Back to the new Civic Hatchnacak The 11th-generation all new Honda Civic Sedan has been reimagined for a new generation of drivers, with a clean and up-to-date interpretation of Honda’s longstanding "Man Maximum/Machine Minimum" design. The M/M philosophy maxi,mizes the total environment for the driver and passengers, while minimizing the space needed for mechanical components. As a result, the Civic features sporty design with a low cowl, excellent visibility, exceptional attention to detail and a space-efficient, human-centered interior. With two improved powertrains and a stiffer body structure graced by a reengineered chassis, the 11th-generation Civic upholds the Civic tradition with class-leading driving dynamics. It has a new version of the Honda Sensing® suite of active safety and driver assistive technologies and multiple new airbag designs that continue to advance the state of the art in small-vehicle safety. · 11th generation Civic raises the bar in every conceivable way – design, performance, fuel economy ratings, safety features and technology · A modern interpretation of timeless Civic design values · Sporty style with a longer hood and expanded dash-to-axle ratio for a premium profile · All-new simple, clean, and uncluttered interior with an intense focus on the user experience · Civic first all-digital LCD instrument display, and a new full HD 9-inch color touchscreen, the largest in a Honda brand vehicle (available in Touring) · Improved powertrains offer new levels of performance, fuel efficiency and refinement · Updated chassis, suspension and high-rigidity body combine for fun-to-drive dynamics with a comfortable ride · Civic Sedan will be followed by the Hatchback, the high-performance Si, and the pinnacle of Honda performance – the Civic Type R Civic Development The new Civic builds upon nearly 50 years of heritage as Honda’s longest-running automotive nameplate and its largest selling model globally. Is definitely a “breath of fresh air.” Civic was heralded for its fun-to-drive dynamics, quality construction and world-class fuel efficiency, qualities that have defined every generation since. Civic earned a reputation for engineering excellence, starting with the revolutionary CVCC (Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion) engine that debuted in Civic and cemented Honda’s place in history as a leader in powertrain innovation and reduced tailpipe emissions that met regulations under the U.S. Clean Air Act without use of a catalytic converter. Civic has become an influential part of the automotive landscape as well as a common sight on roads around the country. As it has evolved over the years, Civic continued to deliver a “wow” factor to people all around the world, from the innovative and classically styled third-generation Civic Hatchback with its innovative “long-roof” design, to the fifth-generation Civic; benchmark for its class, and ushered in a new generation of hot-rodders with its sporty design and use of exotic VTEC® variable valve timing and lift. With the eighth-generation, Civic matured and grew in size and features as the needs of entry-level buyers changed. The outgoing 10th-generation Civic in particular set a new high-water mark for style, driving dynamics, and sophistication that led to it being the most popular Civic ever in the U.S., with sales of more than 1.7 million units over the last five years. The 10th-generation Civic also has been the No. 1 model in America, car or light truck, with first-time buyers, Millennials, Gen Z and multicultural customers since its launch in 2015. And since 1973, Civic is the 4th best-selling car in America. Simple and Sporty Exterior Design The new 11th generation Civic Sedan draws inspiration from earlier Civics, while taking a fresh take on Honda’s human-centered approach inside and out. The simple and sporty exterior styling features a low beltline with a long and low hood, pulled back A-pillars, and ample glass area. The wide-set LED headlights and taillights are connected with a sharp character line that carries from the front fender to the taillights, while the horizontal orientation of the taillights give Civic a sense of stability on the road. Human-Centered Interior and Technology The Civic’s simple and clean interior design themes are an equally modern take on classic Civic design cues, such as the low cowl and an expansive outward view. The instrument panel and other interior surfaces have all been designed with a minimum number of cut lines to reduce visual distractions. High-quality materials abound, especially on physical touch points, and extraordinary attention to detail was paid to the feel and operation of all switchgear and controls. A visual focal point is a striking metal honeycomb mesh accent that stretches across the dash from door to door. More than just appealing to the eye, the mesh also serves as a visual dividing line between information above and controls below while also cleverly hiding the air vents. The Civic’s front seats have been redesigned for maximum support and long-haul comfort, helping to turn even the most torturous commute into something drivers look forward to. Technology is focused on intuitive ease of use, from the first all-digital LCD instrument panel ever in a Honda (Touring trim), to new color touchscreen audio systems mounted high on the dash. All Civic trims come standard with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration, and wireless connectivity is available. For the first time, Bose premium sound will be available in Civic and has been custom engineered precisely for the Civic’s new interior. Fun to Drive The 10th-generation Civic cemented Civic’s reputation for delivering driver satisfaction, and the 11th-generation Civic builds upon that foundation. The new Civic’s more rigid body structure provides an improved basis for dynamic excellence. Tuned on European roads, the chassis has been updated for improved handling and sharper steering by careful refinement of the components to create a refined and fun driving experience, while still delivering a comfortable ride. Under the hood is a choice of two updated in-line four-cylinder engines: a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter (LX and Sport) or a turbocharged 1.5-liter (EX and Touring). Both are paired with an updated continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) uniquely tuned for each engine. Both drivetrains have been reengineered for improved power delivery, refinement, fuel efficiency, and engine sound, with a more natural responsiveness thanks to improved G-Design programming, and the addition of Honda’s “Step-Shift” programming that simulates gear changes when accelerating. Advanced Safety Civic has earned a reputation as a leader in small-car safety performance, and the 11th-generation continues that tradition with multiple new active and passive safety systems. In a world’s first, both frontal airbags have been designed to reduce the likelihood of brain injury by better controlling head motions in a collision, especially in oblique impacts, by reducing the rotational head motion of the driver and passenger. Additionally, the Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure has been reengineered for even better compatibility in collisions with larger vehicles, and for enhanced occupant protection in oblique collisions. The Honda Sensing® suite of active safety and driver assistive technologies goes to the next level with the 11th-generation Civic. Using a new single-camera system that provides a wider field of view than the previous radar-and-camera based system, the new Honda Sensing® also uses a faster processor to more quickly identify pedestrians, bicyclists and other vehicles, plus road signs and road lines. Expanded functionality includes new Traffic Jam Assist, and improvements such as more natural brake feel and quicker reactions when using Adaptive

Cruise Control (ACC), and more natural steering feel when using the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS).


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