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How To Take a Great Selfie

You are on time for work, got your sexy outfit on and your make-up is on point. Your favorite customer is coming to the club. He pays you lots of money, so you must look your best. You look over to the left and there is your cell phone. Could this be a great time for a selfie? You think about it for a few seconds and your answer is yes. Just as likely as it is that you will be sitting with other dancers, it is even more likely that you will be inspired to immortalize the moment by snapping 25 consecutive pictures of yourself in the hunt for the perfect selfie. Admit it selfie culture is here to stay. How do we know? ‘Even our daughters and moms are sneaking in selfies. It’s time to embrace the prudish movement and love our “selfies” even more.

Here are some do’s and don’ts that’ll help you put your best face forward. Always protect your brand – YOU!

DO NOT over-selfie it. Save your selfies for special occasions: A new haircut, a great outfit, the private moment before your walk down the aisle; you know, the moments worth sharing. By adding context to your post, your photo becomes more of a story. It creates an opportunity for specific feedback from your friends as opposed to the random streaming feed of your face that only seems to say, “Hey, how about some compliments today?”

DO find your good side. The art of a great selfie starts with choosing the right angle. Tilt the most symmetrical side of your face slightly towards the camera. Hold the camera a little above your head, angling the lens downward. This will make your nose appear slenderer and your eyes larger. Prepare to have your prettily posed post blasted with insta-love.

DO NOT do the duck face. I am guilty of this one. I have a duck face selfie right now on my Instagram. I will leave it just so you can see how ridiculous the duck lips are. You have not fooled us. We do not think your lips are that plump. You just look a little bit like a duck now.

DO find the perfect lighting. The best selfies are taken in natural light and front lit. The bright light smooths out the skin tone while providing a natural beauty filter. You will be able to post the photo with the ever-enviable awe-inducing hashtag #nofilter (and you will actually be telling the truth).

NO selfies in insensitive environments. Perhaps this one is obvious, but many people have made the embarrassing mistake of snapping selfies at the worst time. Things to avoid are funerals, natural disasters, and any form of human suffering. Posing while operating a moving vehicle is also not advised. If the perfect light strikes while you are in the driver’s seat, pull over and hashtag your photo #thiscarwasparked.

DO pose in front of beautiful backdrops. Vibrant wallpaper, the textured bark of a tree, your head tossed back in a field of electric-green grass, a richly colored bookcase – all of these are inspired backdrops. Look to build a vibe that has a bit more to say than, “Look at me!” After all, photography is an art so explore the depths of your inner artist.

DO not pose half-naked in underwear. I know you are going to do it anyway, because you are a stripper, I am hoping you do not. Protect your brand.

DO invest in a selfie stick. One of the quickest ways to look a little less selfie is to widen the frame. Using a selfie stick allows you to make the image about the sweeping panorama behind you or the loving huddle of friends wrapped in your arms. Grab that innovative stick and wave it proud as you capture the bigger picture.

DO experiment with different looks. Selfies seem to tap into that early childlike part of ourselves—like when we played dress-up in front of the mirror while applying our mother’s lipstick. Go ahead and have fun! Strike a pose with a new lip shade, dramatic liner, false eyelashes, or a hat you have always wanted to secretly wear. Express all your many sides while also testing your new looks before you brave the real world.

DO NOT take yourself too seriously. Putting your best face forward does not always mean your perfect face. Dare to post a picture of your natural makeup-free face, make silly faces, or share a post-workout messy ponytail glow. Show the world that you have a sense of humor, that you are fearless, that you, in fact, do not need to be perfect. There is nothing prettier than your truth. So, selfie that!

People all over the world take selfies. Millions of people take selfies every day, yet it is an

oft-reviled practice. You could call the selfie our most popular guilty pleasure.

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Debra Martin
Debra Martin
Jun 24, 2022

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