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Self-love: Do It for Yourself

As women, we have to understand that no one can treat us better than we can treat ourselves and no one will pamper us quite like we pamper ourselves. No one will provide the personal self-indulgent luxuries in life we desire. It will only happen when we make it happen for ourselves. We are responsible for our own happiness and when we get caught up in thinking our pampering moments are someone else's problems we not only neglect ourselves we fail to bring happiness in our lives.

Discover Your Inner Diva

Where does your personal pampering pleasures come from? They come from your inner diva. Your inner diva is the part of you that makes you desire special treatment and it makes you feel unique and different from all of the women around you. It also makes you feel worthy of living a pampered lifestyle.

It is what makes you want to be more than an ordinary woman. It lets you know and understand that your physical self is by no means the totality of who you are. It does, however, reflect that you are a unique spiritual being of extraordinary beauty and importance. You are a Diva!

Boost Your Spirit

As a Diva you should first honor yourself. Be realistic about what you feel is your kind of pampered life. We all desire great moments of luxury, indulgence, and pampering, but to go out and make a lot of bills buying things that make you feel pampered is a little ridiculous. The kind of pampering I'm talking about are those indulgences that give your inner spirit a boost.

What Kind of Day Is It for You?

There will be days you feel good and some days you will feel bad, but there will also be days when you need a little extra pampering in your life to feel loved and needed. There will be days when you feel depressed, let down or hurt and then there will be days that you feel life is good and all things are going the way you want them to go. What kind of day is it for you?


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