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Global One readers are informed, engaged and passionate about supporting our mission and our advertising partners who make it possible. They are champions of local businesses - and not just when it comes to food and drink. We empower our readers to learn, grow, explore, and pursue sustainable practices like water harvesting and renewable energy.

America's 'New Normal' is Anything but Normal’

A world seen wearing a protective face mask July 20, 2020, the new normal is anything but ordinary. As the United States combats the coronavirus pandemic, the timeline for reopening the country in a bid to jump start the economy remains unclear. But dramatic changes to daily life are coming into view -- from mass temperature checks and mandatory use of face masks to empty sports and entertainment venues to Orwellian government monitoring of cellphone location and other personal information.

"You can call it the 'new normal,'" said Ella Patterson, Publisher of GLOBAL ONE MAGAZINE. "I call it the 'now normal' because I think every day is going to be different." Life could change as states consider modifying stay-at-home orders and other restrictions.

I’m not being political; I’m being cautious and human.


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