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Welcome To Global One 

What is Global One Magazine 

and what are we about?

Lifestyle Unveiled: Authentic Reviews, Visual Stories

“Global One Magazine” is an attractive lifestyle photoshoot presentation of product reviews. Our reviews are meant to showcase a series of beautiful journey's.“  We want people to know everything about the products they buy and use. 



Our magazine presents an authentic exploration of products by way of reviews, stories, photos and videos. It is a specialization of hands on reviews and photography. We display products that are used by consumers, in advertisements, magazines, packaging, or our daily lives and our businesses. 

Artistry in Review: Crafting Images, Telling Stories

Our professional photography is a collaborative effort, usually involving an art director, a photographer, a product stylist, a prop stylist and their assistants. We want to present the best photos of the products we review and write about in this site and in our hard copy print magazine.

Global One's team is on a journey to review any and all consumer products, electronics, home goods, travel destinations, automotive drive times, fashion, beauty, health, wellness, food. drinks and cuisine along with a a gallery of stories.


Embracing the Joys of Exploration with Global One Magazine


We inspire readers to dream of the countless joys and experiences that await in the diverse tapestry of life and encourage a mindset where every product, meal, and destination holds the potential for wonder and delight.

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Dive into the heart of discovery by showcasing unique travel experiences, driving adventures, and the exploration of global cuisines and products. Each review and story is a step towards unveiling the unknown.


At Global One we emphasize the joy of discovering new foods and drinks, whether it's dining out at a local gem or savoring international flavors. It's about turning every meal into an adventure, celebrating both the simplicity and complexity of culinary arts.

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