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My Journey

Hello, I’m Ella Patterson. Let me share a bit of my journey with you, from the bustling post offices of West Dallas to the pages of a book that has touched the lives of many.

The Early Days

My story as an author began with frequent visits to the central post office in West Dallas, where I’d ship cartloads of my book, "Will the Real Women...Please Stand Up!" The sight of me meant a busy day for the postal workers, some of whom would find creative ways to take breaks or suggest alternative shipping methods to avoid the load I brought in. To counter this, I devised a strategy with my husband to secretly bring the books to the counter on my signal, ensuring we could smoothly get the packages out to my eager readers.

The Impact of My Book

"The content of my book might come across as bold, especially back when I first published it.. But it’s packed with advice, games, and exercises aimed at enhancing sexual experiences." I’ve included frank discussions and homespun wisdom on various topics, which seemed to spark curiosity and eventually, support among the post office staff and beyond. This book turned skeptics into supporters, contributing to its status as an underground bestseller with over 20,000 copies sold since its release in August 1994.

Challenges and Approach

The journey wasn’t easy. I faced skepticism and the challenge of getting my book recognized. My approach broke away from conventional discussions on sexuality, offering practical, streetwise advice on enhancing sexual relationships. It was important for me to encourage exploration and open-mindedness, fostering intimacy and connection.

Origins and Inspiration

The origins of this book lie in my own life as an overworked teacher, coach, and mother, seeking further education in female psychology and sex education. A car accident in 1993 shifted my focus, leading me to write during my recovery period upon my doctor's suggestion. Inspired by conversations in beauty salons about men and sex, I decided to write about these common topics, conducting informal interviews and gathering stories.

Self-Publishing Journey

My self-publishing journey was filled with challenges, from editing to printing costs. But with perseverance, I found support in people like Alfred Huntsberry of Alps Printing, who believed in my vision and helped bring my book to the masses. Marketing and distribution were my next hurdles, establishing my own company and ensuring I always had books available for my eager readers.

National Recognition

The national recognition came unexpectedly but was incredibly welcome, with features in magazines like Black Elegance, which distinguished my guide for its candid and unique approach to sexuality.

Support and Engagement

Throughout this journey, I’ve been supported by my husband, Martin, and my readers, who have engaged with the book in ways I could never have imagined. From providing advice to navigating public curiosity about my personal life, I’ve aimed to maintain a balance of privacy and openness.

I hope my work continues to inspires you to explore, question, and embrace your sensuality with confidence and joy. Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you, and may we all continue to support and uplift each other on this journey of empowerment and discovery.

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