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A Fresh Look for 2022 Lexus RV 450h AWD F Sport

`by Ella Patterson

A Fresh Look for 2022 Lexus RV 450h AWD F Sport I always remember my first Lexus test drive. I was in Houston Texas at Lexus event and this wonderful lady named Marilyn Pippin offered me he keys to a brand new Lexus LS$^). On that day at that moment Lexus was my favorite vehicle. Ithad everything a oman needs. Just as this one does so letstalk about the 2022, the Lexus RX 450hL . It will showcase new exterior colors, the option to add fog lamps as a standalone option while still offering guests the first touchscreen multimedia display. Inside and out, the RX 450hL models will continue to exude modern luxury. Inside, an available 12.3-inch touchscreen paired with the remote touch pad supports dynamic voice and navigation functionality. The Lexus Multimedia System includes advanced in-dash technology to simplify a guest’s life, such as Apple CarPlay® integration for your iPhone®.

The fifth-generation RX undergoes a complete renewal, pursuing the Lexus Driving Signature performance and next-generation Lexus design. Introduction of performance models equipped with DIRECT4, a newly developed all-wheel drive force system to realize driving pleasure

Next-generation Lexus design adopted to express a one of a kind identity and a eye catchong style with a powerful stance that evokes dynamic performance

The powertrain lineup includes the introduction of PHEVs to meet diverse customer needs, while contributing to the realization of a carbon-neutral society

The RX 450h is bringing its swagger in 2022 with a new color palette available across the line up. Theres also a great color addition of Cloudburst Gray and Iridium for all models and Grecian Water for F SPORT models, the RX can be styled to fit each guests’ personal taste. A unique addition to the options for 2022 is the standalone fog lamps to provide the option for added lighting on any grade or package without additional add-ons.

The moment I fell in locve and the moment you fall in love, the world stands still. But when you drive this smooth, sleek, stylish 2022 Lexus hybrids, things begin to speed up. That breathtaking acceleration, those sophisticated lines, plus the features and tech your heart has been dreaming of, they’re all here in a package to send your pulse racing. In time for Valentine’s Day, check out a new generation of Lexus hybrids and feel the love.

For every driver, there’s a hybrid. One good sign that you’ve met your perfect match is finding lots of room in this magical new person’s life for you. They’re eager to meet and embrace your world: your friends, family, kids, pets, and all the unique things you do. Lexus’ 2021 hybrid lineup feels the same way. Introduce us, it says. Let’s go skiing with your crew in an RX 450h or take me surfing in an NX 300h. Show me around and show me off to your universe in a sedan. I’ve got room for your dog, your weekender bags, your suits, your snowboard and your big personality. Nothing about you is too much for a big heart, so don’t hesitate to bring your stuff when you step into the space in their life that’s been waiting for a you-shaped, you-sized partner for adventure.

Spped Is Master

Excitement, exhilaration and a thrill that comes in a flash: there’s no mistaking the moment you fall in love. It happens fast, and suddenly, everything seems to rev up. The same heart-racing emotion is part of the hybrid driving experience as an ardor for acceleration moves the relationship forward. For example, with an ability to do 0-60 mph in a projected 5.1 seconds, the LS 500h (RWD) packs a 354-combined-system-horsepower.

Love at First Sight

According to science, love at first sight is possible. And what has this got to do with hybrids? Let us count the ways: RX 450h in Moonbeam Beige Metallic with NuLuxe®-trimmed seats in Glazed Caramel. An ES 300h in Sunlit Green; LC 500h available in Infrared; NX 300h in Nori Green Pearl; UX 250h available in Cadmium Orange. You know it in a flash: that is one handsome roofline; that is one beautiful grille.

The Inside Is Impressive

Even on a first date, you know this is someone very special. A couple more dates, you get to know each other better, and you are smitten. Small ways in which they show their character reveal the beauty on the inside. Lexus hybrids reveal their thoughtful soul through interior touches such as the 2021 ES 300h’s natural steering wheel angle, revised pedal positions and standard 10-way power adjustable front seats. With an emphasis on comfort, a focus on safety, audio to suit the mood (thanks, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility) and finishes that feel like holding your beloved’s hand, well, you soon find you don’t want to leave—ever.

It Won't Let You Down

Looks and personality may be the keys that start the engine of love, but staying power is what turns going on a date into setting a date. True love may begin with a glance, but it proves its mettle by being there for you no matter what, and that means it can go the distance. Together, you are combined, highway and city MPG EPA estimates. The LC 500h is considered the first-ever Lexus Multistage Hybrid, with a system that teams the gasoline engine with two electric motor/generators. Now that’s what we call “a match made in heaven.” Suddenly, it’s easy to see the future, and to imagine taking the twists and turns of life together. Something they also say about finding the right one, “When you know, you know.”


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