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Food: Uncle Julios

Take a moment to enjoy the newly remodeled Uncle Julios Mexican Restaurant. Take in the aroma of smoky grilled fajitas or sizzling shrimp brochettes. Savor the full flavor that only freshly picked ingredients can produce in the roasted vegetables and spicy salsa. Taste authentic border style in the marinated beef skirt steak or the uniquely grilled salmon. A custom margarita, created from your choice of more than 15 different tequilas, awaits your first sip. }

THE FAJITAS A Sizzling Display of Authentic Mexican Flavor

Legendary among Mexican food fans, the aroma and flavor of our mesquite grilled fajitas is the first thing to greet guests at the door and the only thing on their minds when they dine with at Uncle Julio’s. Perfectly prepared and sizzling when they reach your table, 0ur fajitas are grilled over an open flame and served on a platter with fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, Mexican rice, frijoles a la charra and fresh, homemade flour tortillas.

The secret to the incredible flavor of our fajitas begins with the highest quality ingredients: • 21-day aged outside skirt steak that’s hand-trimmed at every Uncle Julio’s by an on-site butcher • Fresh, never frozen chicken breast • Our secret marinade made fresh every day from a classic, authentic recipe

Our recipe for perfect, mouth-watering fajitas, whether they’re steak, chicken, shrimp or even veggie, has remained the same since we first fired up our grills in 1986. We’ve built our reputation on these flavors and we are committed to preserving these time-honored cooking traditions that make our fajitas a one-of-a-kind dish.

UNCLE JULIOS: THE SWIRL MARGARITA A Perfect Combination The issue is understandable: Do you choose the refreshing flavor of an Uncle Julio’s margarita, or the delicious taste of the restaurant’s hand-made frozen sangria? Years ago, one Uncle Julio’s guest simply didn’t want to have to go without one or the other, so the customer ordered both — in one glass — at the Uncle Julio’s on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas. In that restaurant, on that day, a legend was born.

The Swirl is a unique Uncle Julio’s signature, a delicious concoction featuring frozen margarita layered with home-made frozen sangria. The tasty layered treat is complemented with a single pink flamingo, just like the birds seen not far from the border, helping to make this drink the classic it was born to be.

by Ella Patteson


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