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How To Write Your First Book

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A True Formula for Writer Success

Ella Patterson’s HOW TO WRITE YOUR FIRST BOOK, is for those of you wanting to write your own book and successfully share your story or knowledge with the world.

Do you have something that you really want to share that you know will help others. Do you feel overwhelmed about the process, the cost, or you are just not sure where to begin?

I remember when I wrote my first book (25 years ago) - staring at a blank page on a piece of paper and then later into my computer while doubt flooded my mind – reminding me of all the reasons why I could not write. I’m sure you have had those thoughts too.

I am happy to say that 25 years later I am so glad I did not listen to those voices, and I am now a best-selling author of many published books and eBooks.

Some of them - much to my delight are No. 1 best sellers on The New York Times Bestseller List, Essence Top Twenty, Amazon and more. More importantly, I have discovered much joy and satisfaction in sharing my knowledge and story with others.

I want to show you the exact steps I have used repeatedly to write books successfully, sell to distributors, libraries, bookstores, and consumers all over the world.

In this guide, you will discover my formula for writer success, which includes:

1. How to author your book

2. Foundations - understanding your purpose in the book publishing.

3. The writing phase - tips to writer well and includes how to overcome Writer block.

4. The creating and editing phase and process.

5. Finding the time to typesetting and design your book cover (or choose a designer).

6. Choosing your subject and organizing your pages.

7. How to develop, market get endorsements and reviews for your book.

8. How to create a solid publishing business

9. Printing and digital distribution – where I will show you how to get your book loaded up on to Amazon for hard copy printing and Kindle for digital downloads.

10. Marketing and distribution – this are where you learn how to promote your book,

11. And I'm even going to reveal my exact strategy for how to get your own book to number one on the Kindle store.

In Addition to my Formula for Writer Success, I Will Share:

· Budget and how much your book may cost.

· Explain the important reasons for authoring a book (which will give you the confidence to not only start but finish).

· How to overcome writer’s block.

· Other options and income streams that you can leverage after you complete and release your book.

· PDF's you can print out.

· A checklist to keep you on track.

· All my notes.

(I have been there, which is why I will also explain each phase in detail and why it is important in making your book a great success.

Author a Book - Share Your Story

If you have a story to tell (and you do), or if you have some knowledge you want to share with the world, then this guide will help you achieve your dream of launching your very own book with success. I look forward to being a part of your journey.

Who this guide is for:

· People who want to share their life story or knowledge on a particular topic

· This guide is for those wanting to writer a non-fiction book

· This guide is NOT for those writers who want to write a fiction novel. (Although the same marketing principles can still be applied).

· Beginner to advanced writers who want to increase their skills, and also their marketing plan will greatly benefit from this guide.

· See more

What you will learn

· Writer your book

· Research your idea for maximum impact and success

· Create a book and lesson outline

· Learn top writing tips

· Overcome Writer block

· Edit your book

· Find an editor

· Design your own book cover

· Find a designer

· Load your book onto amazon for printing and digital distribution

· Learn marketing tips to get your book to No. 1 in the Kindle store

· Learn other marketing ideas to earn money.

· Leverage your book


· A computer

· Pen and paper / notepad

· A grasp of your language

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