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Global One readers are informed, engaged and passionate about supporting our mission and our advertising partners who make it possible. They are champions of local businesses - and not just when it comes to food and drink. We empower our readers to learn, grow, explore, and pursue sustainable practices like water harvesting and renewable energy.


I remember when I got the idea to create a magazine. It was a project did not clearly understand how to pull it all together. I thought long and hard about how I could present this project to the world. I pondered for months about how I could be unique and provide joyful information without being fake. I wanted my magazine to be so real that people would not be able to put it down. After all I went so far as to trademark the name ‘Ms. Real’, so I could not be anything other than ‘real’ in my quest to publish a print magazine.

I was not afraid to offer my dream to the world, so I began making phone calls to everyone I know in the publishing industry that would give me helpful advice. My first call was to several former Editor-in-Chief of great magazines. I did not dare try to compete with any of them, but I did want to provide another cultural experience filled with choices for people. The only question I was asked was… “Why had I waited so long to get started?” My answer was simple; “I was focused on writing books and securing book deals, but now I was ready for a new project.”

This magazine’s focus is so clear to me now. It will focus on people, places, and things. Global One Magazine is an extensi

on of my publishing and authoring of books. Global One Magazine is a continuation of my dream. Its purpose is to provide a journey filled with advice, insight and photo sections that speak volumes about things people enjoy. Sometimes one word is enough.

I must admit that sometimes we need help to navigate the waters of new projects. I have sought, found, and been guided in the right direction. I am ready. I now present Global One Magazine: a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine covering community, safety, health, fashion, beauty, food, drink, cuisine, recipe’s, well-being, travel, lifestyle, automotive, entertainment, culture, and consumer updates. First published as a website in 1996, its target audience is African American lifestyle.

Oh, before I forget, I believe that there is wonderment and happiness associated with people of all races, but todays magazine is dedicated the African American Woman. Also, a quick reminder to all my readers…. if we do not seize our opportunities to see the world now, its beauty might pass us by. I am happy, I am proud, and I look forward to each new adventure.

I have met so many amazing and wonderful people and have experienced moments shared with strangers that I now refer to as friends.

In this small yet powerful magazine, I hope you understand that turning your dreams into reality can be attained. The beauty of Global One is that it can inspire, rejuvenate, educate, and stimulate whatever reality you would like to experience. It can take you places that you desire to visit, or it can help inspire your next daydream with our one-word photos. I hope you and your loved ones appreciate the magic of the products, services and adventures featured in each edition of Global One. Take your time and enjoy every moment as you indulge in a magazine filled with beautiful lifestyle and cultural experiences. I wish you love and health on your journey.

Ella Patterson, Publisher


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