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Auto: Aston Martin

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera: revealed Finally replacing the ageing Aston Martin Vanquish S, and sitting above the Vantage and DB11, the DBS Superleggera uses the firm’s latest aluminium architecture, derived from the DB11. Director of design Miles Nürnberger insists, however, it is not just a beefed up DB11, but is a bespoke creation. “Every modern Aston Martin must have its own unique character.” This has been achieved, he says, by giving the new DBS Superleggera an aggressive full-height grille (“you’ll definitely see it coming in your rear-view mirror”), pumped-up features to give a greater physical presence, and rear haunches a full 15mm wider than the DB11 to “exaggerate the feeling of muscle”. And the name? DBS is the revival of a nameplate first used in 1967, while Superleggera is a nod to classic Italian coachbuilder Touring, whose Superleggera script (it means superlight, in honour of its famed lightweight construction methods) appears on the bonnet. “DBS Superleggera not only marks the return of a great Aston Martin name, but signals our return to the very pinnacle of the super GT sector,” said Aston Martin president and CEO Dr Andy Palmer. “Handsome beyond measure, immaculately styled, obsessively engineered and outrageously potent, the new DBS Superleggera is every inch the Aston Martin flagship.” And is duly priced accordingly: from £225,000 in the UK, €274,995 in Europe, and $304,995 in North America. Deliveries? They begin in autumn 2018. Now let’s dive into some more of the delicious details within Aston Martin’s new halo car.


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